This track is a walking tour based on a traditional path which allows getting to know the historical and ethnographic complex. It consists of a total of 67 water mills perfectly maintained, constructed on the hillside centuries ago, as if they were a staircase ascending the mountain. They were declared of Cultural Interest by the Government of Galicia in 1998. Making the most of the slope of the river, some of the mills are built in cascade between hills, trees, streams and mountains, giving the landscape an incredible beauty. This harmonious integration of traditional industry in nature is one of the largest concentrations of river mills in Europe.

The track, carefully preserved, allows you to find plenty of forest species. The environment around the mills is also spectacular. One side of the path is irrigated by the waters of river Folón and on the other, by the waters of river Picón. At the top of the hill, the route offers a magnificent natural view of Rosal valley, very famous for its wines and overlooking the mouth of the Minho River and the shores of Portugal.