In recent years, there is also an extensive network of trails for those who look for a perfectly planned itinerary. There are several paths well signposted with various facilities to make your hiking easier. These paths are divided according to different degrees of difficulty.

Among other routes, we suggest the path of Chan da Lagoa-Alto da Groba, the Silleiro Cape Lighthouse, the coastal route from La Ramallosa to Monteferro and the Portuguese trail da Costa. About these, and many others, you will find more information at the house.

And check this one. Just going down the stairs which go from our garden to the sea, you can take a river trail beginning at the mouth of the river Fraga, under the bridge next to the house. It is only 1km long, but worth hiking. The trail is shady and cool, perfect for a warm summer day. Along this path, you will also see old water mills where flour was once grounded.