In the city of Burgos, you will admire one of the most astonishing gothic cathedrals in the world. Yet, this is not the only treasure that this vast region preserves, a territory where the historical origins of Castile were brewed and where the Castilian language was born. Its varied counties and towns are studded with churches, hermitages, monasteries, palaces, towers and castles from all times and styles. All of these relics are the unmistakable testimony of a solid and outstanding history that will allow you to travel in time and explore ancient times.

The Road to Santiago blesses the province of Burgos with some of the most beautiful examples of Romanic architecture. Don´t miss the famous Santo Domingo de Silos Monastery and enjoy the Gregorian chants sang by its monks. Many other temples like the ones in Las Merindades and in La Bureba will surely restore the peace that the contemporary era has stolen.

Finally, the hominid sites of Sierra de Atapuerca will leave an indelible mark on your mind. Meet the Homo Antecessor of one million years old and discover the Museum of Human Evolution.