Approximately 6km away from the city of Pontevedra, you will find the village of Combarro, one of the most picturesque and original of all the Rias Baixas. Its historic town, built directly on the granite rock of the seashore, is one of the best preserved examples of Galician popular architecture. It is tucked away on the edge of the Ria de Pontevedra, and precisely this isolation, has allowed it to reach the XXI Century keeping intact its urban structure and architectural style of the XVIII Century.

Allow yourself to be swept away through its promenade until plaza de Chousa, while enjoying the beautiful views of the mysterious Island of Tambo. From here, dive into the old town for a trip in time seduced by its famous hórreos (granaries), the most traditional construction of Galicia. What makes the hórreos of Combarro truly original and unique in the world, is the enormous amount kept (about 60 in the entire town), and the location of 30 of them, lined up directly along the coast.