Exploring the woods of Galicia is the best way to get away from it all, leaving your hectic daily life behind, immersing yourself in a soothing, peaceful natural world. The damp air mingles with the smell of the trees and moss. The dry leaves crunch under our feet. In the background, you will hear the sound of water flowing down the rivers and brooks that wind their way to the sea. Pay attention to its centenary oaks, holm oaks, birches and chestnuts. They are waiting for you, silent and immobile.

Man has treated with care these green lands to get the best of its core. Dare to discover the Wine Routes walking among vineyards on steep slopes or rightly on the edge of the sea.

And that is that, of course, Galicia is also sea … On clear days, you will see it on the horizon from the veranda of our house, as only 15km will separate you from the refreshing ocean. Endless sandy beaches are waiting for you to arrive and leave your mark in its wildest sand. In turn, allow Galicia to do the same with you.