Baiona has a fascinating artistic legacy to show. Its charming Old Town was designated a Historic-Artistic Ensemble in 1993. Perhaps the most iconic building is the fortress of Monterreal, a walled enclosure of more than 3km, which houses nowadays an exclusive state-run Parador hotel and the prestigious Royal Yacht Club and marina of Baiona. Among others, we can highlight the Ramallosa Roman bridge, one of the most beautifully preserved in Galicia, or the monument of Our Lady of the Rock, built directly on the rock, facing towards the Atlantic to safeguard the fishermen. Baiona´s port was the first place to receive the news from the discovery of America on the 1st of March of 1493, when one of the three Caravelles captained by Cristopher Columbus made landfalled after their returning. Now we can enjoy an exact replica of the Pinta Caravelle. Among the religious works, three buildings stand out: The Collegiate Church of Santa María, with its elegant lines befitting of the Cistercian order, the Chapel of Santa Liberata, with a simple Baroque façade and the Gothic Cruceiro da Trindade covered with a Renaissance canopy.