In 1997, the British newspaper The Guardian published a “Top 10 beaches in the world” ranking, in which Rhodes beach appeared as one of the most beautiful. Not a surprise, we are talking about a real paradise on earth. Ptolemy named it as the “Island of the Gods”. Crystal clear water, fine golden sand, and a crescent shape with a sheltering pine forest, makes it the perfect setting to feel freedom, sea and nature on its purest state. The real thing.

Besides its beaches, hiking around the island, with its unique flora and fauna, will definitely get your attention. The route to the Faro lighthouse is one of our favorites. The views from the top are amazing and you can enjoy a unique show: thousands of seagulls squawking (possibly the largest colony in Europe) around the cliffs and flying right at your feet.

In high season, there is a boat line from Vigo, Cangas or Baiona which takes you in less than an hour to the archipelago. Another option, undoubtedly delightful (which we can arrange for you), is to make this idyllic seaside-trip on a private sail or motor boat.