Our house is immersed in the small village of A Xesteira, a place that keeps a long history of rural life. Cows still have priority through its paths and many of our neighbors still raise their own pigs, sheep and chickens … what a treat those bright-yellow yolk eggs that Maruja used to give us!

Just taking a stroll around the village and its surroundings will be an open invitation to purify your soul, to take you away from everyday life and lead you into a world full of peace. Climb up the hill and you will see herds of wild horses. Go for a walk beyond La Rascadería and lie down on its gentle grass to count stars. Walk down the river Almofrei and follow its course through a leafy forest; browsing among the abandoned watermills that you’ll find on your way is also a must. And if temperature rises, take a dip in the idyllic river pool, less than 200m down the hill from our house. If you are interested in the world of mushrooms and mycology, we also recommend you to approach Hifas da Terra, one of the most important mycorrhizae plant and hybrids chestnut nurseries in Europe.