When talking about food in Galicia you shouldn’t forget about seafood. Just Spectacular. Daily catch from the “Rías” and from the rocks: hake, turbot, sea bass, grouper, sole… Mollusks and the famous octopus “a feira” are also a must with the typical boiled potatoes called “cachelos”, seasoned with paprika, salt and pure extra virgin olive oil. Among the top ten, you can´t miss the traditional fried squids or the barnacles, concentrating the quintessence of sea flavors. Shrimps or velvet-crabs will make a delicious snack, and if you like raw food, try the famed clams and the delicious Galician oyster. Finally, don´t leave before trying the “centolla” (a sort of king crab), the lobster, the scallops and the mussels, tasty, nutritious and very affordable!