Going all over the Galician coast and discovering all the Lighthouses that take care of its fishermen, will be a matchless experience. As lookouts located in outstanding enclaves, the Lighthouses enable boats, day after day, to get home to port. You won´t regret if you visit the Ria de Arousa with the beach of A Lanzada, one of the most famous sands of the Rias Baixas just 48km away from home. The beach is located within a conservation area, and is considered a strategic stop for migratory waterfowl. A peculiar feature of this beach is that it holds one of the most popular fertility rites of Galicia on St. John´s eve. You can also enjoy the waters of the ocean closer to our house, just 20km away from home, in the beautiful beaches of Mogor and Lourido in Poio. In Morrazo Peninsula, you will also find pristine beaches with crystal clear waters, like Nerga, Melide, Castiñeiras or the nude beach Barra.