The sea crashing on the coastal rocks. That’s the sound of Galicia.  The coastline of Galicia takes its shape from every day’s tide, constantly creating new wild beaches as well as quiet shores. Discovering them can become a unique experience, not only admiring its beauty, but also  diving into its immensity, surfing the waves, sailing the waters and getting to stunning places  as the Cíes Islands, the islands which shelter the magic treasures of a unique ecosystem.

But Galicia is not just the coast… It is also very famous for its green slopes, which have led to countless legends about enchanted forests, inhabited by fairies, goblins and “meigas”. You will also discover many secret gems just one step away from our house, like the unique river mills of Folón and Picón or the natural springs and pools of Mougás and El Rosal. Another option is to simply follow your instinct through the natural grooves that water and time have left in this landscape.