Only 40 minutes by car from the house and you will be in Portugal. This wonderful, yet unknown to many, country, proposes an extensive cultural offering with its small villages full of history and charm. This northern part of Portugal is the ideal spot for driving around through the small roads with no destination in mind, getting to discover the treasures of cities like Caminha, with its busy main plaza; Viana do Castelo and its royal fortress; Valença do Minho with its lively market on Wednesdays; Vila Nova da Cerveira, overlooking the river with stunning views; the majestic Guimarães, known as the cradle of Portugal; or the historic and quiet city of Tui, in the Spanish frontier. If we continue our way south, just 140km away from Baiona, we will get to the magnificent old city of Porto . Its picturesque historic and narrow streets, full of history and nostalgia, are worth walking up and down. If you put a “fado” as the soundtrack of your tour, the experience in Portuguese lands will remain forever in your memories.