The renowned monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos holds a gem of Romanesque style worldwide: its monastic cloister. Be sure to set aside time to listen to the monks officiating their Gregorian chant, a mesmerizing primitive sound that “brings human’s spirit closer to God”. The voices of the monks in the church vibrate with the background sound of the organ, recalling reminiscent chants and mantras from other religions.

Next to Silos, on the fertile banks of river Arlanza, you will find the secluded village of Covarrubias, an ancient small town embraced by the river that flows slowly along the promenade of La Solana, under the tower of Doña Urraca and in front of the elegant façade of the Collegiate. The urban area, with remains of the old wall, has a particular interest and is one of the finest examples of Spanish popular ancient architecture and urbanism.